The West Los Angeles Community-Police Advisory Board (WLA C-PAB) is a volunteer organization committed to work in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in order to foster a partnership to reduce crime, reduce the fear of crime, improve the quality of life and ensure the safe and expeditious flow of traffic. The role of the WLA C-PAB includes advising the WLA Area Commanding Officer regarding crime, traffic and quality of life issues and the dissemination of information back and forth between the LAPD and the community.

1. Our mission is to build a partnership between the LAPD and the diverse residential and business communities within the West Los Angeles Area and work in conjunction with the LAPD for the purpose of reducing crime, reducing the fear of crime, improving the quality of life and ensuring the safe and expeditious flow of traffic.

2. We value our partnership and we work together as a team. We do not exist to promote LAPD or act as a booster club. We recognize that the process utilized to achieve the goals ofcommunity policing is of substantial importance. We openly communicate, share ideas,cooperate and compromise. We strive to build relationships on mutual trust and
understanding. We use reasonable dissension and diversity of thought and point of view to provide different perspectives and opportunities for new ideas and creativity.

3. We strive to appropriately represent our diverse community. We reach out to all elements of our community to build a network for ongoing communication and interaction. We strive to continually improve our efforts by listening to concerns and taking action through problem solving.

4. We promote active involvement. We set challenging goals and we work together to make a difference. We exist to lift barriers to the improvement of communication between the police and the community. We seek to advise the LAPD and build a police/community partnership that interacts with other governmental agencies if necessary, in an attempt to solve specific community problems.

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